Día Mundial de la Trombosis

Explore the World Thrombosis Day 2022 Impact Report

The World Thrombosis Day (WTD) 2022 campaign united partners across 123+ countries to shine a spotlight on the condition of thrombosis to build awareness and save lives. WTD outreach efforts resulted in a global reach of 10.5 billion impressions, which is an exciting milestone for the campaign.

Click here to download the WTD 2022 Impact Report.

The WTD 2022 Impact Report highlights the results of the campaign in 2022 and underscores the scientific achievements, media outcomes, digital and social media results, and highlights partner activities. See below for a few of the top highlights showcased in the Impact Report:

  • Year in Review: WTD hosted 31 events, including 2 webinars, 8 Facebook Live events, 6 Reddit AMAs, and 3 Ask the Expert Videos – the most in campaign history.
  • Scientific Achievements: WTD prioritized several scientific achievements by its scientific steering committee in 2022.
  • Global Media: The campaign reached new heights with 9.5+ billion media impressions. 
  • Social Media: WTD expanded its presence on social media with engaging and creative content, events, and by building relationships with international patient influencers. These efforts garnered almost 1 billion impressions – an exciting milestone!

Thank you for supporting the WTD campaign! If you have questions about the WTD 2022 Impact Report, please contact the WTD campaign team at wtd@isth.org.


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