Día Mundial de la Trombosis

This Year's #ClotChat on Twitter is a Must-Attend Event

Plan to participate in this year's seventh annual World Thrombosis Day (WTD) Twitter Chat, #ClotChat, on 13 de octubre at 12 p.m. US ET. The discussion will revolve around blood clots, COVID-19 and what you should know. It will also feature a star-studded line up of media partners and guests with participation from official WTD supporters, partner organizations and friends! See the details below to plan your participation. If you would like additional information, email the WTD campaign team at wtd@isth.org.



Clots, COVID-19 and What You Should Know

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Everyday Health
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C. Michael Gibson, MD

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John Nosta
Syra Madad, Ph.D.
Jeff Weitz, M.D.

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  • Q1: What is thrombosis, also known as blood clots, and why is it important to know about this condition?
  • Q2: What is venous thromboembolism (#VTE) and what are the top risk factors?
  • Q3: Hospital-Associated Thrombosis accounts for more than 60% of blood clot cases, can you explain what this is?
  • Q4: What is the connection between blood clots and COVID-19? What should people know?
  • Q5: What should blood clot survivors know if they acquire Covid-19? What should they share with their health care professional? 
  • Q6: What information is currently available for the scientific community on Covid-19 and clots?
  • Q7: In addition to patients with Covid-19, who else is at risk? What do you wish the general population knew about clots?

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