Día Mundial de la Trombosis

Movimiento global del Día Mundial de la Trombosis

World Thrombosis Day Events and Highlights

WTD 2017 in Istanbul, Turkey

WTD Ambassador Mary Kay Ballasiotes Shares Her VTE Story with WBTV

WTD 2017 Symposium in Ukraine

Vascular Surgery Clinic of Timisoara County Hospital Launches DVT Risk Assessment for WTD 2017 (Romania)

WTD TV Interview in Slovakia with Hemo Medika

Hungary (Sanofi)

Interview with Dr. Eddy Lang (Canada)

AngioDynamics (USA)

Trombo.Info Educational Video for WTD 2017

World Thrombosis Day 2016 Webinar (National Blood Clot Alliance, USA)

Interview on Preventing VTE for Hospitalized Patients (Saudi Arabia)

Chief Medical Officer of Scotland Supports World Thrombosis Day

WTD Activities (Mubarak Hospital, Kuwait)

Interview with Prof. Dr. Joris Ector (Healthy Heart Fund, Belgium)

What Is Thrombosis? Interview with Prof. Dr. Peter Verhamme (Healthy Heart Fund, Belgium)

Interview with Dr. Mohamed Jeilan on Kenya CitizenTV (Aga Khan University Hospital, Kenya)

Interview with Dr. Charles Dietzek on PHL17 Morning News (Vein & Vascular Institute, US)

What Is Thrombosis? (Daiichi Sankyo, Brazil)

What Are the Causes and Risk Factors? (Daiichi Sankyo, Brazil)

What are the Symptoms? (Daiichi Sankyo, Brazil)

Is There Treatment? (Daiichi Sankyo, Brazil)

What Habits Should Be Adopted to Prevent the Disease? (Daiichi Sankyo, Brazil)

Interview with Dr. Allyson Nakamoto (Daiichi Sankyo, Brazil)

Preventing VTE in Hospitals (Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust, UK)

What Is Thrombosis? Interview with Prof. Dr. Inge Fourneau (Healthy Heart Fund, UK)

WTD Flash Mob (South Africa, Bayer)

Radio Interview: Giving Global Priority to Thrombosis Awareness to Reduce Premature Deaths (Monash University, Australia)

Stroke Education with Prof. Dr. Dr. Robin Lemmens (Healthy Heart Fund, Belgium)

Recognizing Silent Killers: WTD Interview with Dr. Anders Barasa on Kenya NTV (Aga Khan University Hospital, Kenya)

World Thrombosis Day Event at the University Kurokawa (Japan)

Prevention Is Better Than a Cure – with Prof. Dr. Peter Sinnaeve (Healthy Heart Fund, Belgium)

Egyptian Venous Forum Meeting – Part 1 (Egypt)

Egyptian Venous Forum Meeting – Part 2 (Egypt)

Blood Clot Takeover at ISTH 2015 Congress


Hospital Flashmob (Auckland Hospital, New Zealand)

Bleeding Management (Thrombosis Canada, Canada)

The Psychological Effects of VTE (Thrombosis UK, United Kingdom)

Human Formation of a Blood Clot (LEO Pharmaceuticals)

What is Arteriosclerosis? (Dr Panetp Angchaisuksiri, Thailand)


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